The Book of the Covenant by Oliver Woods


  • Radical national judgment demands a fresh look at the foundations.
  • Compares the U.S. Constitution with the Mosaic Constitution.
  • Your Bible worldview will never be the same again.
  • Calls for return to the original intent of the Bible.
  • Examines the Ten Philosophical Roots of the U.S. Constitution.


Test Your Understanding of the U.S. Constitution (T/F)

  1. In a Christian nation all justice rests on a firm foundation of natural law
  2. America is a Christian nation because officials swear to uphold the “higher law” of God
  3. The underlying reason God judged ancient Israel was idolatry
  4. God waits for our return to the original intent of the Constitution before granting mercy
  5. Though the Constitution ignores Him, the language of the Declaration of Independence is firmly grounded in the Trinitarian God

So What’s the Bottom Line?

This Will Come as a Shock to Many American Christians, but….

God Is Not Interested in Our Returning to the Original Intent of the U.S. Constitution!
God Commands Us to Return to the Original Intent of His Law, Summarized in Exodus 20-24

Here for the first time in a convenient Handbook format is a concise commentary on this tragically neglected section of Scripture. It’s an easy reference manual, not only for Christian leaders, but any Christian looking for the application of God’s law to the culture.

You will learn:

  • What would a Christian nation actually look like
  • How Bible law is not only a set of rules, but guidelines for living in community
  • Why Patrick Henry argued vehemently against ratification of the Constitution
  • The Biblical alternative to our corrupt prison system
  • Lawful and unlawful uses of the law of God
  • The difference between Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience
  • The Bible’s simple solution to the gang problem
  • Whether or not the Bible condones slavery
  • And much, much more


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