The Divine Decree by Oliver Woods

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  • Prophecy made easy – I mean really easy.
  • Virtually everything you’ve been taught about Bible prophecy is wrong.
  • Divine healing from the frenzy of “Rapture Fever.”
  • Problem passages you never understood become crystal clear.
  • Amaze your friends when you reveal exact year of the Great Tribulation.


In Prophetic Interpretation

This book is short (only 75 pages), but it’s designed to take the mystery out of Biblical prophecy
once and for all. When you finish reading this book….

  • Problem passages you never understood before will become crystal clear, because you understand the Divine Decree.
  • Your friends will be amazed by your ability to tell the exact year of the Great Tribulation.
  • You’ll know beyond any reasonable doubt the identity of the Beast of Revelation.
  • You’ll know the precise identity of the notorious harlot in Revelation 17 and why the “bride of Christ” includes both Old and New Testament believers.
  • Your friends will be astonished when you show them the year Revelation was written from the Book of Revelation itself, within about 2 years!
  • You’ll grasp why the Beast of Revelation and antichrist of I John are NOT the same person.
  • You’ll understand why Daniel’s 70th week cannot possibly be in our future.
  • You’ll know whether or not America is the Mystery Babylon of Revelation 18.
  • You’ll know why Jesus was the first preacher of “Replacement Theology.”
  • You’ll know why blood-moon eclipses have nothing to do with Bible prophecy.
  • You’ll be Divinely healed once and for all from the frenzy of “Rapture Fever,” that is afflicting so many souls with “Revelation as crystal-ball” theology.

You’ll find all this and more – much more – within the pages of this amazing book. It’s impossible to interpret the Bible correctly if you don’t understand the principles in this book.

Read it – you won’t regret the time invested.


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