Great Bible Reset

Saint Anselm

Anselm of Canterbury

Welcome to the Great Bible Reset podcast with Oliver Woods. This series explores the absolute necessity of a return to the law of God, summarized in the Mosaic Covenant of Exodus 20-24, as our only hope for relief from God’s accelerating judgment. This “Great Bible Reset” is the one and only thing that can deliver us from the tyranny of Klaus Schwaub’s looming Great Economic Reset.

The podcast examines the life and teaching of 100 Classical authors to determine the precise point in the history of the West, at which we went astray. We must retrace our steps to get back on the Biblical track. The winding path takes us back to the Battle of Hastings and the Papal Revolution of 1075-1122. It was here that the Theocratic government of Alfred the Great was replaced with the secular Common law counterfeit of Henry II, At this critical juncture civil government split off from the church and the law of God to develop the maze of secular law systems that enslave us today.

Oliver delves into historical examples from the Bible, drawing parallels between the biblical past and modern America’s pluralistic rebellion from God. This challenges the idea of Christian America being an innocent victim of the Globalist elite, suggesting that a cultural reset based on God’s law is the only path to cultural redemption. Rather than a return to the “original intent” of the U.S. Constitution we need a return to the “original intent” of the law of God.

The podcast announces a series that will review classical authors throughout history, starting with St. Anselm and exploring the High Middle Ages. The podcast promises interviews, book reviews, and movie reviews throughout the 100-week journey. Oliver outlines various periods in history, grouping them by themes, such as “Pagan,” “PrinceofPeace,” “Patristic,” “Patriotic,” “Papal,” and “Renaissance.”

Listeners can look forward to an in-depth examination of these historical periods and their impact on Western Civilization in the episodes to come.